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Just A Pinch Bakery

We make kolaches! Sweet and savory and so much more.

About us

Growing up in Houston, kolaches are a part of life. Grab and go breakfast on the way to school or work? Kolaches. Weekend morning treat? Kolaches. Moving and need some way of bribing your friends to come help? You guessed it. Kolaches. So, when Stanley Martin and his wife Megan moved to Loveland, CO and discovered there wasn't a kolache to be found, they knew they had to do something. And fast. With Chef Stanley's fifteen years of professional culinary experience, and Megan being an avid baker, they knew they would be able to come up with something. So, they set to work. They began to test out different recipes and techniques. Saturday morning pancakes were quickly replaced with a cloud of flour and homemade kolaches. Two-year-old Carter Mae was the official taste tester, and took her job very seriously.

Before long, they could whip up a pillowy pastry that would rival even the best in their home town. Their family tradition of kolache eating was saved, but they knew they couldn't stop there. It would be selfish not to share this delicious treat with their new community. Most Coloradans had never heard of the Czech treat. This could not stand. They didn't even know what they were missing! And so, with little more than a dream and an oven, Just a Pinch Bakery was born. Stanley, Megan and Carter Mae are passionate about their kolaches, and they promise, with one bite, you will be, too.